Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Where do you get your cheese from? 

A: Our cheese and charcuterie products come from a variety of places near and far. We purchase directly from some cheese producers, from a specialty food importer and distributor located here in the PNW, and local wholesale grocers. 

Q: Why are your boards more expensive than other places in the area? 

A: The main reason our boards cost more than some of our competitors is directly related to the quality artisanal charcuterie and cheese products we offer. Sure, we use some familiar items you can find here in town, but we also source high-quality products that you won't easily find locally. This includes world-renowned creameries charcuterie makers here in the Pacific Northwest, United States and all over the globe. 

Q: What can I expect to find on my charcuterie and cheese board? 

A: At any time we have at least a dozen artisan cheeses and half a dozen charcuteries on hand. We like to select a soft cheese and some type of cheddar. Peppered and dry aged salami. The remaining meats and cheeses are curated around season, accoutrements and any requests. Rarely do two boards ever look the same. 

Q: How long will my charcuterie and cheese board last? 

A: We hope it's so delicious it doesn't hang around long! However, all of our cheese and charcuterie offerings are created fresh and can be held up to 24 hours before serving. Fresh fruit included on our boards increases the moisture content of the board and some nuts and chocolate products may absorb some of that moisture. We package all of our crackers on the side. 

Q: Can you make a board gluten-free, nut-free or accommodate for other dietary restrictions? 

A: We always have a supply of gluten-free crackers on hand. For those with nut allergies, especially tree nut allergies.... we can create your board without nuts, but all products are created in a kitchen where nuts may be in use. We are happy to accommodate for any dietary requests. 

Q: Where are you located? 

A: We create our offerings in a licensed commercial commissary kitchen in Independence, Oregon.